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Sunshades & Accessories
RV Windshield Covers of Florida



Unlike your typical camping supply store, our standard sunshades (also called awning shades or awning drops by some folks) are 6' tall. The length of the shade is up to you. Standard sizes include 6' x 12', 6'x14', and 6'x 16' but we can make them to fit your needs; we can make them 7', 8', or whatever size you want them for height and whatever size you need in length. A variety of colors are available. Sunshades help protect you from the sun allowing you to enjoy those beautiful afternoons while giving you the added benefit of helping to hold down your awning. Sunshades can be ordered thru the mail, internet or you may pick them up at our location.  Ask us about our Deluxe Sunshade which allows full use of your awning track!



End screens are very much like the awning sunshade in that they help to hold your awning down while protecting you from the hot sun. They are available in a variety of colors. Standard size is 6' x 8'. We can make them to your specifications if needed. End screens can be ordered thru the mail or you may pick them up at our location.


Cover up those blades to protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays. Made with 90% sunscreen material. These covers are sewn at the top and closed at the bottom with velcro.


Economy Wiper Covers - Protects your wipers from the damaging UV Rays.  Fits up to 32" wipers


Deluxe Wiper Covers  - These also protect your wipers from the damaging UV Rays.  Comes in sizes to fit 27"; 29"' 32" and 44" wipers.  They differ from the economy wipers in style and they are sized to your wipers.



Solid Tire Covers


These covers are made of sunscreen fabric and protect your tires from the harmful UV Rays.  They simply slip over the tire.  There is a pocket in the bottom if you would like to put a weight in it to hold it straight.




Custom made to fit your mirrors. Made of 90% sunscreen material to allow mirrors to get air.



Protect your tires from the harmful UV rays. These covers are made with 90% UV material and snap on your coach at the top and have a pocket at the bottom for a weight.

Wheel Protectors*

Wheel Protectors are designed to protect your aluminum wheels while allowing you to enjoy their beauty at the same time.   They easily slip over your wheel; no bungee cords to attach, no eleastic to stretch, no tracks to feed the cover into!   

*Patent Pending