Two piece sunshade pictured left and below on the right is a one piece sunshade 8' in height.  Our one piece shades are typically 6' or 8' in height.


Unlike your typical camping supply store, our standard sunshades (also called awning shades or awning drops by some folks) are 6' tall. The length of the shade is up to you. Standard sizes include 6' x 12', 6'x14', and 6'x 16' but we can make them to fit your needs; we can make them 7', 8', or whatever size you want them for height and whatever size you need in length. A variety of colors are available. Sunshades help protect you from the sun allowing you to enjoy those beautiful afternoons while giving you the added benefit of helping to hold down your awning. Sunshades can be ordered thru the mail, internet or you may pick them up at our location.

For all of those of you who have those high automatic awnings, we manufacture a two piece sunshade.  The top piece is 22" finished (starts at 24" before hems) and the bottom piece is 70" finished (starts at 72" before hems).  The top piece slides into your awning track and stays there.  It rolls up and down with your awning.  When the awning rolls out, it drops down allowing you to attach the bottom piece to it without climbing the ladder.*  The two pieces attach using "S" hooks that are crimped tightly to the bottom piece so that you won't lose them.

*Please measure your height to insure you won't need the ladder to attach the two together.  These measurements can be adjusted making the top a little longer if necessary.  Of course, prices vary according to size.